Kampala Youth Organize to Counterattack Police-Kibooko Squad

Jobless Brotherhood boss, Norman Tumuhimbise addressing journalists on Thursday.

The youth from different activist groups under Youth Coalition for Change (YCC) have expressed readiness to counterattack the men in uniform who were seen beating up Ugandans as they were welcoming the opposition leader, viagra 40mg Dr. Kizza Besigye from prison.

The coalition that includes the Jobless Brotherhood, sick FDC youth, approved NRM Poor youth and the Sauti Yavijana are accusing police for commanding a group of bandits that beat up innocent Ugandans.

“We regret to inform the world that the situation in Uganda is not different from that of South Sudan, it’s not even closer to the Nazzi blood thirst and ruthless brutality evident with yesterday’s state terrorist donning Uganda police Uniform,” remarked Jobless Brotherhood National Coordinator, Norman Tumuhimbise.

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Tumuhimbise noted that such acts by police are not the first of the kind but rather a historical habitual character, ideological in nature as traced way back in the dark times of Kikosi Maluni and FRONASA error.

The youth noted that as always, the perpetrators have walked away with a non committal apology as they majestically match with swag to the podium to be decorated as the best carders of the current regime.

Tumuhimbise further recalled other officers that have brutalized Ugandans but have been left free without facing justice.

“The country should be reminded of a one Arinaitwe Bwana Gilbert rapped the dignity of Dr. Besigye, and one Jorum Mwesigye a former DPC of Old Kampala who buried a flourishing career of a WBS journalist have all never faced justice.”

He added that “The same police have undressed and erotically squeezed our mothers private parts in public as it was to Hon. Nabila Nagayi in 2006 in Owino market, Ingrid Turinawe, Hamida Nasimbwa, Zainabu Fatuma and recently Zeridah Kakayi the youth Vice Chairperson Eastern Region among others.”

Youth Coalition for Change members at the press conference

Youth Coalition for Change members at the press conference

The youth have therefore called upon the general public to stop fantasizing about peace but rather rise up to defend themselves against the new move by police.

“Our Constitution mandates us to protect and defend ourselves, unlike the bandits we are going into defensive than offensive; no one has monopoly over sticks, we are now ready to defend ourselves against them.”

“We have now resolved to go defensive and continuing to mobilize fellow Ugandans to get ready to pay them back by their price if they dare put their arms  up against us; they should understand that they are poking angry, suffering and jobless youth.”

However Police has since then opened investigations aimed at finding out the perpetrators that beat up innocent Ugandans.


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