Kampala MP Nsereko attacks UPL Club

MP Muhammed Nsereko

A Ugandan advocate Victor Ochen has been nominated for the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

Ochen is the founder and force behind the African Youth Initiative Network, pill a local NGO helps heal trauma and to promote youth leadership among victim of war in Northern Uganda, website

“Victor Ochen has consistently shown both commitment and effectiveness in his efforts to address the needs of victims. He has worked for transitional justice, while simultaneously promoting human rights through nonviolent means, nourishing the leadership skills of other young people, and challenging systemic issues that lead to the continued vulnerability and suffering of war victims,” the AFSC wrote in its nomination letter.

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“Ochen and AYINET “offer a unique and powerful example to be emulated by marginalized people all over the world. We therefore respectfully request that the Norwegian Nobel Committee recognize Victor Ochen and the African Youth Initiative Network’s work on behalf of victims of violent conflict by awarding them the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.”

At age 33, Victor Ochen has been a steadfast advocate of nonviolence most of his life. His life story mirrors the stories of the populations his organization serves, but he has never allowed his own grief and trauma to coerce him toward violent reactions to the hardships he has faced.

The late Wangari Maathai was the first East African to win the Nobel peace prize in 2004 for “her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace”.
Kampala Central Member of Parliament and SC Victoria University boss Muhammad Nsereko has hit at rivals Rwenshama FC for lack of trust by not boycotting yesterday’s game as club officials protested Fufa’s takeover of the Uganda Premier League.

Rwenshama against the will of other UPL clubs played SC Villa at Nakivubo Stadium on Tuesday. The other two games (Bright Stars-Kira and Soana-URA) that were scheduled to take place did not happen after the clubs in question boycotted them.

I don’t blame Villa president Ben Misagga but the problem was Rwenshama who lack proper leadership”, sildenafil Nsereko tells ChimpSport.

Nsereko’s hard stance is also shared by Kira Young president, Jimmy Lukwago who on Tuesday evening called Rwenshama CEO Yunus Kisegerwa and company cowards: “Those (Rwenshama and Villa) who played are cowards. We do not even know which league we are playing under. Today its USL, tomorrow its UPL,” he told a local daily.

Villa insisted their president Ben Missaga informed them of the boycott after the game had kicked off.

Villa insisted their president Ben Missaga informed them of the boycott after the game had kicked off.

This followed a meeting by 12 of the 16 clubs at Hotel Africana before the matches on Tuesday with only KCC, Soana, Bul and Sadolin not in attendance.

The clubs are protesting Fufa’s move to take charge of the league and subsequent suspension of Fufa Super League (FSL) clubs’ chairman Abbas Kaawaase. But even the two clubs, who honoured yesterday’s game, later said they were in support of the boycott.

Meanwhile, URA FC secretary Henry Mayeko attributes the current confusion to Fufa’s system of – divide and rule even though clubs evidently lack of a common stand.

“Yes it’s true the clubs lack a common stand, but the federation has no powers to suspend a league chairman because he is not their member,” Mayeko a lawyer by trade comments.


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