Kampala Minister Kamya Commissions Shs80 Billion City Road Projects

KCCA ED Jennifer Musisi and Beti Kamya look a the plan for one of the roads on Thursday.

The Minister in charge of Kampala Beti Kamya on Thursday afternoon commissioned construction and upgrading of over 10 roads in the divisions of Lubaga and Nakawa that would cost over Shs80 billion.

At the end, page the various divisions would see a number of roads upgraded to tarmac, visit web expanded, tadalafil street lights installed, walk-ways created and improvement   of the drainage system.

“These would help on reduction of traffic jam on top of saving you from the dust that has disturbed you for a long time,” Kamya assured locals along the Nateete-Sembera road in Lubaga division.

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“You should use them for your benefit in form of employment and also bring about development to your areas.”

The Lubaga Division mayor Joyce Nabbosa Ssebuggwawo said the roads would help transform the city from being dusty to a paradise.

The Lubaga North member of Parliament Moses Kasibante was however skeptic with the construction of the roads which he warned out to be up to the required standards.

He said on many occasions there are issues of proper accountability but warned these should not arise on these roads urging KCCA to be as transparent as possible.

“You should emphasize accountability. We don’t want you to say a certain road cost Shs300 million yet in the actual sense it cost Shs100 million. We shall be looking with eyes wide open,”Kasibante said .

According to KCCA officials a total of 8 roads amounting to Shs35.5bn will be upgraded to tarmac in Nakawa division  and these include  Magambo road(0.9km),Dembe-irowooza(3km),Kiziri(0.75km),Kyanja –Kisaasi(3km) and Kigoowa (1.9km) .

Others in Nakawa division to be upgraded include Kimera(1.4km),Kisaalita(0.7km).Kisosonkole(1km) and Robert  Mugabe road(1.8 km).

In Lubaga roads like Bakuli market lane(1km)Nakibinge (1.5 km) and Mackay Ssembera (1.5 km )  among others  would be upgraded at a cost of over Shs54.8 bn.




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