Kampala Meet to Adopt Common Refugee Position for African Countries

State Minister for internal Affairs, Obiga Kania addressing journalists at Media Centre on Tuesday

African countries are set to come up with a common position in relation to handling of refugees. According to the State Minister for Internal Affairs, pilule Obiga Kania, sale the meeting scheduled for 15 to 17 May in Kampala will be an all-inclusive platform for dialogue on migration.

“It discusses ways of bringing in national and regional perspectives and best practices of all relevant stakeholders, “Obiga told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala.

The Junior Internal affairs Minister explained that the meeting in Kampala organized by the African Union will provide a platform for bodies, institutions and non-state actors to discuss approach to migration and refugees.

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“The expected outcome will include a draft common African position on migration and refugees based on existing continental and regional frameworks on migration and refugees,” he said.

Uganda is host to over one million refugees from neighbouring countries including South Sudan, Burundi and Somalia among others.

According to Kania, Uganda’s position on refugees is one of being open to everyone who enters the country.

“Despite challenges like insecurity and limited resources to spend on them, Uganda maintains a porous border for refugees. We can’t build a wall around our country but allow them in.”

The minister for Internal Affairs urged other countries to emulate Uganda and allow refugees into their territories.

“It is a responsibility that we must help our brothers and sisters.”


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