Kampala FDC Youths Vow to Front Besigye for President

African Governments and business leaders on 13th June 2015  launched a  Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund for Africa in Johannesburg, story South Africa.

The fund whose launch event was led by the President of the Republic of Senegal HE Macky Sall, viagra 60mg and representatives of the Heads of States of Ethiopia and Rwanda aims at contributing to the World Bank Partnership for Skills in Applied Sciences, thumb Engineering and Technology (PASET)’ programme to strengthen research and innovation in applied science, engineering and technology so as to increase industrial and agricultural productivity.

During the Launch, HE Macky Sall said in Africa there is need to depend on science and technology to increase industrial and agricultural productivity, guarantee food security, tackle diseases, ensure a safe water supply, and reduce the energy deficit.

“We must launch a sustained campaign to train and employ a great number of scientists, engineers, and technicians to achieve the structural transformation that Africa needs, and that is exactly what this programme is designed support,” he added

According to the statement distributed by African press Organisation, the African Governments involved committed to the Fund alongside a new group of prominent business figures, the ‘Africa Business Champions for Science’, to raise a total of $5million during the launch.

The statement adds that additional funds will now be mobilized from African governments, business leaders and other developmental partners, to operationalise the Fund by June 2016.

Dr Álvaro Sobrinho, Chairman, African Business Champions for Science and Chairman, Planet Earth Institute confirmed his commitment to recruiting others that share the vision of the Fund.

“Led by the African Governments and in partnership with business leaders and the World Bank, we want to go beyond philanthropy to find innovative ways to properly link industry with scientific and technical excellence for the long-term, and for the benefit of us all,” he concluded


Presidential Aspirant Amama Mbabazi; bent to accentuate his intention to contest in the coming general elections, viagra 60mg has written to the Electoral Commission.

In a letter dated Tuesday June 16 and received by the EC, Mbabazi introduced himself to the commission as an aspiring candidate in the coming 2016 presidential elections.  This he said he did in accordance with Section 3 of the Presidential Elections Act [2005].

He went ahead to list 25 venues in which he will be conducting nationwide consultations with his supporters to prepare for his nominations.

The consultations will commence on July 9th in Mbale district [Eastern Uganda], and end August 1st in his home district of Kanungu.

Part of Mbabazi's letter to the EC

Part of Mbabazi’s letter to the EC

He will be in Kampala on Friday July 17th and the following day in the neighboring Wakiso District.

The EC had reportedly warned Mbabazi against early campaigning, as scores of his youthful supporters around the country took to the streets to pin posters of their candidate.

“Technically, we don’t know Mr Mbabazi because we have not yet released a programme for the campaigns. He is campaigning as what? If he wants to consult party members that is a party matter but for the national election, no one has been nominated yet so no one can start early campaigns. You can’t say I want to be president in 2016 before we release our campaign programme. He is out of order and we hope he takes our communication seriously,” the EC Jotham Spokeseprson Mr Taremwa was quoted by Daily Monitor.

Police also responded by arresting several of these youth supporters and pulling down Mbabazi’s posters

President Yoweri Museveni had also expressed concerns about Mbabazi’s premature announcement and urged Ugandans not to waste their time on his “early electioneering.”









Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Youths in Kampala Central are set to front the former party president, cialis 40mg Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye as the party presidential flag bearer in the coming delegates conference.

The youths will hold a press conference tomorrow at City House in Kampala with an intention of calling upon Besigye to offer himself as a flag bearer in the race.

According to their set plan, seek the youth plan to among others campaign and rally support for doctor Besigye amongst the party delegates to ensure that he wins the race.

“Who would you trust to compete for presidency between Gen Muntu and Col Kizza Besigye at the national level?; as the youth we maintain Besigye is our presidential candidate, ” the youth were heard in a discussion at FDC office at City House.

“We know Besigye hasn’t yet revealed his plans but we will petition him and make sure that he at last stands for the party flag.”

The youth plan to among others mobilize funds through fundraising within Kampala and metropolitan areas to be used during the campaigns.

This comes after the party president; Gen. Mugisha Muntu announced his bid to run for the party bearer during the party’s special delegates conference.

“I have been traversing the country with the aim of building party structures but now I am offering myself as a flag bearer and the doors are open to whomever wants to stand against me,” Muntu said early this week while speaking to party members during the swearing in ceremony of the new cabinet.

He said once elected, he would give his all to capture power in the much-anticipated election.


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