Kampala: Christ The King Church Demolished

Christ the King Church is undergoing renovations
Christ the King Church is undergoing renovations

Works are picking pace for the long planned renovation of Christ the King Church, one of the oldest Churches in Kampala.

The 87 year old Church located on Colville Street has been demolished to pave way for construction of a larger and more convenient church.

The church which has been accommodating only about 600 members is being upgraded to seat at least 15000.

According to the Parish Priest Msgr. Gerald Kalumba, the church had become too small to accommodate the increasing numbers of Christians opting for an extension of the structure to match to the modern standards.

He says the renovation exercise, (which will see the church walls caved and extended) had stalled for more than 5 years due to bureaucracy.

Kalumba says Kampala Capital City Authority had halted the project owing to the limited space of the area.

There were also concerns of a parking space for the growing number of Christians’ cars.

This issue however according to Henry Ssentoogo, of Ssentoogo & Partners, the architects of the project, was resolved last year when a church neighbor agreed to provide space for the parking lot.

Michael Niwagaba, the church’s head of communication told us today that the renovations will be carried out in phases and that normal services will be conducted at the church despite the works.

The project estimated to cost close to Shs. 10 billion will see the walls of the existing church structure broken including offices and residence of the priests to widen the Church.

Christ the King Church was built in 1930 by the Mill Hill Fathers with support from the for the Goan communities who had come to Uganda to construct the Uganda Railway.

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