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Kampala Bound Train Derails; Locals Loot Everything

Locals at the accident scene where the Kampala  bound train nearly plunged in the ocean (The Star Photos)

A train bound for Kampala yesterday derailed in the Kibarani village near the Mombasa Port, check http://conocity.eu/wp-includes/pomo/streams.php almost plunging into the Indian Ocean.

The residents including minors descended on the wreckage, http://chutneyrestaurant.ca/wp-admin/includes/dashboard.php and plundered everything that their hands landed on.

The cause of the accident was not yet pointed out although the captains said it was hard for them to control it. No fatalities were reported.

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Residents scampering for the contents of the train

Residents scampering for the contents of the train

The cargo train was carrying grains, largely wheat for the Grain Bulk Handlers Limited.

The locals carted away the commodity estimated at around 280million Uganda Shillings according to local media.

The train, media reported, nearly plunged into the Indian Ocean and that the captains quickly jumped out when the locomotive became difficult to control.

Residents say Kibarani is slowly turning into a black spot owing to the sorry situation of the railway lines in the area.

Fishermen said they heard a loud bang and realized that it was a train which almost plunged into the sea during the 6am incident.

A woman carries away some of the grains from the train that was derailed at Kibarani on Sunday

A woman carries away some of the grains from the train that was derailed at Kibarani on Sunday

Halima Kistao, a fish monger, said that she was very lucky to have secured some of the grains.

She made fun that her family will go for many days without buying food and she would be happier if another train cargo with either cooking oil or maize flour plunges again.

“I am very happy with my children. Today we will celebrate. In fact, it will take me months before going to the shops. Prices of commodities are very high and inflated. We pray for another accident to occur,” she said.

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Samson Ondego of the Grain Bulk Handlers Limited blamed the Rift Valley Railways for the fault. He said the lines have not been maintained for a long time.

“We are very upset at losing millions cargo to the sea. It is the fault of RVR for not maintaining the rails for a long time,” he said.


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