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KAMPALA BOMBING TRIAL: Mastermind Arrested on Return from South Sudan

Opposition Democratic Party (DP) is set to battle one of their own, decease John Laban Akampulira in the Civil Division of the High in Kampala over several election irregularities witnessed during the on-going party grassroots elections.

In a latter seen by Chimp reports, viagra Akampulira the DP publicity secretary Makindye West through his lawyers Shwekyerera, this web Kalera & Co. Advocates, informed the party that court would proceed to pass its judgment if it didn’t file its defense within 15 days.

The party has been sued together with other individuals including; the party Secretary General, Mathius Nsubuga, Kampala district Chairperson, Vicent P. Mayanja, Edward Bukenya, Ali Nganda Kasirye, Allan Sewanyana, Abdu Mayanja, William G. Sekibengo, Yusuf Kaboggoza, Rose Namukasa and Rose Semujju.

The plaintiff’s claim is that the declaration that Edward Bukenya, Ali Nganda Kasirye, Allan Sewanyana, Abdu Mayanja, William G. Sekibengo, Yusuf Kaboggoza, Rose Namukasa and Rose Semujju as  office bearers in the Democratic Party is null and void.

Akampulira argues that some of these individuals in the recent general elections contested as independents who had never been gazetted as fully constituted party members.

He demands that court orders the cancellation of the said elections held between April and May, 2015 in Makindye division were Edward Bukenya and Rose Semujju were elected as office bearers.

Akampulira also seeks that an order restraining the party and the secretary general from organizing, holding and or conducting the forth coming National Delegates Conference until the determination of this suit.

The second witness in the trial of 13 people suspected of masterminding the July 10 Kampala bombings that killed more than 70 people has admitted that he was manipulated into joining the blood-spattered mission.

Idris Nsubuga who was in September 2011 convicted of terrorism related charges before being sentenced to 25 years at Kigo prison continued with his testimony on Thursday, cheapest telling court that after the twin bombings at Lugogo and Ethiopian Village Restaurant, he maintained communication with Hassan Luyima who was responsible for the bomb at Kabalagala.

Chimp Corp Kenneth Kazibwe was in court to record the confession.

(See Nsubuga’s previous confession)


“The following day (July 11, 2010) at around 7:00pm after the Juma prayers at King Fahad Mosque in Kampala, Hassan took me aside and asked whether the bomb at Makindye house had exploded.

I told him that it had been found before exploding. He was furious that it had not happened as he wanted.

Hassan said he wanted the whole of Makindye House razed down because it was one of the biggest pork joints in town. He at this time told me he was scared he would be arrested if detectives got his finger prints on the explosives.

Hassan then fled the following morning to South Sudan using a bus. He kept complaining that he was not having peace of mind in South Sudan.

Issa Luyima also fled the country to Kenya where he kept in touch with me via Email.

I opened an Email account under the name ‘Mike Katende’ before sharing the password with Issa. Whenever any one of us had something to tell the other, one would write an email and then save it in drafts which the other person would open, read and later delete in order to avoid detection.

Issa ordered me to evacuate the property from the safe house to Hassan’s home in Sseguku which I did five days after the attacks.

He kept sending me money through Biashara Forex Bureau along Johnston Street in Kampala which partly I used to transport the mattresses, JVC TV set, DVD player, remotes and carpet from the safe house in Namasuba to Sseguku.

In one of the emails, Issa told me to visit Dr. Ismail Kalule’s clinic near Aldina mosque in Ntinda to check on a patient.

Dr Kalule worked on the warrant production for the patient whom I later got to identify as Mohamud Mugisha who had been on remand at Luzira prison for forging a Ugandan passport.

He was later released before returning to the mosque.

Nsubuga is Arrested

It was Hassan Luyima who led to his arrest in August 2010. He was apprehended by security operatives after returning from Sudan where he could not live due to the harsh weather conditions.

On 2 August, he called me saying he urgently wanted to meet me. We agreed to meet at an internet café at Twese plaza in Kampala.

I waited till 6:00pm in vain. He was nowhere to be seen.

He later called me, saying we could meet in Najjanankumbi. I didn’t find him there. But I got suspicious as his voice over the phone was shaky.

He kept on calling me but I didn’t pick up until I returned home.

Five minutes after entering my house, I heard cars parking with armed men jumping off while cocking their guns. I then opened the back door to escape from the House but the whole area was full of operatives.

I was then handcuffed before being ordered to enter the house. They asked whether I knew about the bomb blasts that had killed people at Kyaddondo and Kabalagala.

I denied having knowledge of the blasts until when Hassan was brought in. I became speechless. The armed operatives locked up the house before taking us.

After 5 days, I was brought back for the house search. The phone I had dismantled and thrown into the latrine was retrieved.

I was able to identify a picture shown to me of the Somali suicide bomber with whom I had detonated the bombs at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds on July 10, 2010.

Witness Apologises

I am sorry for being manipulated into joining the mission that led to death of many people who were watching the World Cup Finals at Kyaddondo.

The people deserve justice. I had to come out and tell people what transpired but I regret and say ‘sorry’ to the nation.

I am asking for forgiveness for what I did and I promise never to get involved in such activities again but all in all I have no grudge with the suspects because before this we were one family.


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