Kampala 2010 Bomb Masterminds Jailed for Life

After over 5 years since the tragic incident happened, store the High Court in Kampala has Friday sentenced 5 people convicted of masterminding the July 2010 Lugogo twin blasts to life imprisonment whereas 2 others were jailed for 50 years.

In his judgment that took about 30 minutes, more about Justice Alphonse Owiny-Dollo said that convicts’ acts including terrorism, murder and attempted murder inflicted a lot of pain and permanent injuries besides causing dead to death of many people who were watching football at Kyadondo rugby grounds and Ethiopian village restaurant in Kampala, thus the need for a heavy punishment.

“The acts left many people dead whereas others have scars that will never heal on their bodies. They must therefore attract a heavy punishment,” the judge said.

Earlier, Owiny-Dollo had asked both the prosecution and defense lawyers to have their say before he could give the sentence to the convicts.

In his submissions, the lead prosecutor Lino Anguzo asked the judge to give the convicts the maximum death sentence for the terrorism and murder charges, stressing that this would serve as a lesson that engaging in the acts is not good.

“Their acts instilled fear in the members of the public and up to now the police is always issuing terror alerts because of what happened in 2010. Many people were affected and will forever live with this impact on their lives .The convicts should be given the maximum death sentence,” Anguzo told the judge.

He explained that the convicts carefully planned the mission, transported the explosives, made surveillance and even rented safe houses while orchestrating their mission that started in 2009 in Somali until July 2010 when it matured in Kampala.

Anguzo told the judge that they carried out the mission as one of the ways to force a sovereign state change its political decision of sending troops to Somalia which he said was wrong.

However the defense lawyers led by Caleb Alaka asked court for leniency, citing remorsefulness of the convicts, all of whom were first offenders.

“Being young in the 20s back then, they might have been  brainwashed  while  in Somalia to join these acts .They are still young and capable of reforming .They should be given a lenient sentence,” Alaka urged.

However in his judgment, Owiny-Dollo who sounded  angry over the acts by the convicts said that the harsh sentence he gave them was to teach a lesson to other people who would want to engage in criminal acts that the ‘ long arm of  the law would act on them’.

“Your acts which targeted not combatants are not justifiable and had nothing to do with the UPDF deployment in Somalia because some of those who died were not supporting the deployment.”

“I therefore sentence Hussein Hassan Agade,Idris Magondu,Issa Luyima, Suleiman Njoroge and Muhammad Ali Muhammad  to life imprisonment whereas Hassan Haruna Luyima and Seleman Hijjar Nyamandondo are sentenced to 50 years in prison for each of the counts,” the judge ordered.

In an interview with Chimpreports, the defense lawyer Caleb Alaka said that the sentence was fair to his clients considering their offences.

“Initially I thought it would be death sentence but now they have been sentenced to life imprisonment, the judge was fair to them,” Alaka said.



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