Kamoga Case Phone Printouts Submitted in Court

The 34th prosecution witness in the matter where former Tabliq leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and 13 others are accused of murdering fellow Muslim leaders has presented in court telephone printouts of the mobile numbers which were tracked in relation to the murders.

The unnamed retired Superintendent of Police told court that he was approached with a court order to track the numbers, see which he did successfully and managed to acquire the communications that transpired, order time, look the people communicating and the provinces at which such communication happened.

The witness revealed that the alleged communication was from Tebukoza Kinene and happened at various intervals in areas of Kajjansi, Namasuba, Ndeeba, and Jinja among others

Although the information contained in these print outs has not been revealed,  they  have been tendered to court as prosecution exhbits.

Prosecution contends that the leader of Tablique sect sheikh Mohammed Yunusu Kamoga with 13 others and others still at large between December 2013 and June 2014 at various places in Kampala with malice aforethought unlawfully caused the death of Sheikhs Mustafah Bahiga who was shot to death at Bwebajja, Ibrahim Hassan Kirya who was also shot dead at Bweyogerere, Abdulkhadir Muwaya, among others.

Hearing of this matter is underway at High Court international crimes division before a panel of three judges led by Ezekiel Muhanguzi.



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