Kamoga Case: New Judge Asks for Catch-Up Time

Lawyer Friday Kagoro speaks to his clients at High Court on Friday (Photo by Kenneth Kazibwe).

Hearing of the case where Tabliq leader Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and 13 others are accused of murdering Sheikh Hassan Kirya and Mustapha Bahiga, approved today didn’t take place as scheduled; as the new trial judge Wilson Kwesiga needed time to read through the evidence on record before proceeding.

Justice Kwesiga was last week appointed by Principle Judge Yorokamu Bamwiine to replace Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi as the head of High Court’s International Crimes Division, after the latter attained the mandatory retirement age of judicial officers

In today’s session prosecution and the defence were expected to make submissions but the new trial judge asked both sides to give him a one month period to catch up on the case.

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However, one of the defence counsels Friday Roberts Kagoro objected to the replacement of Justice Muhanguzi saying that is not fair to bring in another judge at this stage when the case is in its final stages.

But Justice Kwesiga advised him to be patient and allow him time to catch up with the evidence.

He them adjourned the matter to July 4th.


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