Kakonge Decries Makerere Poor Academic Standards

Makerere University

The former Makerere University bio-chemistry lecturer and UPC National Chairman, information pills this web Prof. Edward Kakonge has expressed concern over the declining academic standards at the country’s biggest university.

In an exclusive interview, the professor told ChimpReports this week that he is not surprised by the alteration of marks to enable students get Bachelor’s degrees.

“The Makerere University of our times isn’t the one of today and with this current set up, all dirty stuff is bound to happen. There is no morale, lecturers are under paid and students are not serious. This is bound to negatively affect the academic standards in the country,” Kakonge noted.

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It emerged recently that over 600 graduates who failed exams and tests had shamelessly bought their Bachelor’s degrees from the campus.

Kakonge said the bulk of teaching staff at the higher institution of learning are junior who have never qualified to lecture university students.

“There is inadequate staffing at the university while the senior positions are all left vacant with a few professors who are also giving much time to the private universities where they are employed,” he cautioned.

“These lecturers don’t explore all the necessary content supposed to be taught to students since they look at only setting what they have covered thus leaving out relevant information.”

He added that this is partly due to the government’s refusal to recruit new staff in all public institutions.

Kakonge further revealed the inadequate facilitation to University staff affects the morale of teaching staff.

“You realize that in the laboratories there are a few equipments and chemicals to handle the practical part of the lectures. Some have to be imported which in most cases takes long to be considered by the University management,” said Kakonge.

He said the increased number of students passing in first class degree is so worrying since these don’t actually earn it genuinely.

Makerere University this year passed out 297 students with first class degrees.


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