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Kakiri Woman Decapitated

Police in Kakiri Division have found a naked, more about headless body of a woman, dumped in the swamps of River Mayanja, along the Kakiri-Masuliita road, at Ddambwe village, Kakiri sub-county, in Wakiso District.

Police publicist Fred Enanga described the deceased as light skinned, about 5ft, 6 inches long, around 85 Kgs ( with medium size breasts, wide hips and round buttocks), aged between 25-30 years, and with injuries around the upper chest.

Enanga says police found no traces of blood at the scene, apart from a small cut rope which appeared to have tied her hands, and a black blouse with white strips.

“The body appeared to have been hurriedly dumped in the swamp on the night of 4th-5th, June, 2016, by the culprits. The scene was documented and the body transferred to Mulago mortuary for post-mortem analysis,” said Enanga.

“Upon examination, the beheaded body was found to be clean, well nourished and with no distinguishing body features and marks. Generally, it appeared to be that of a responsible lady.”

Police have since sent out messages to all units, to verify cases of missing and or disappeared female adults; including information of any recovered human head, to link up with the police at Kakiri Division, Wakiso District.”

The police publicist also appeal to members of the public especially those whose female; relative, friends, workmate, neighbor could have disappeared during the week of 5th, June, 2016,and still untraced, to come forward and view the beheaded body at Mulago Hospital mortuary, plus the black blouse with white stripes exhibited at Kakiri Disivional Police Headquarters.

“We strongly believe that the positive identification of the victim will provide leads into the case that can help identify the perpetrators and the motive behind the suspected gruesome murder.”


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