Kagina Leads UNRA Blood Donation Ahead of Women’s Day Celebrations

UNRA ED, Allen Kagina donates blood on Monday morning

As part of the activities to mark the International Women’s day, for sale ladies at the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) have embarked on a blood donation campaign to save lives of people who get involved in accidents and mothers during child birth.

The Campaign which is led by UNRA Executive Director, Allen Kagina commenced on Monday, March 6th and will run for two days at the Authority’s Head Quarters.

“We chose to donate blood as part of the celebrations to mark the International Women’s day in Uganda and also as part of the campaign we have on road safety,” said Ms Kagina.

She added that the blood donation drive is a sister campaign to the famous Fika Salama road safety operationwhich is meant to ensure that all road users are using roads well to save lives.

“Blood donation is another way we can use to save lives of people by giving part of our own blood to those who are involved in accidents, but also to women.”

Members of the public have also been invited to take part in the exercise.

The campaign is spearheaded by UNRA women

The campaign is spearheaded by UNRA women

Uganda has a population of over 35 million and needs a minimum of 340,000 units of safe blood per year. The Uganda Blood Bank Transfusion Service (UBTS) has made efforts to collect and store blood although the demand remains high.

The situation is made worse by the influx of patients needing blood from neighboring countries which leaves an annual deficit of over 100,000 units of safe blood.

“Whereas I have donated 450ml, of these bags (blood bags), when a person gets an accident or a woman gives birth, the doctor may prescribe four of these and I have given just one. We have a serious need. I want to encourage other institutions to come and support this drive for donating blood,” urged Kagina.

The move by UNRA and led by Allen Kagina will rally many Ugandans to conduct the same campaigns and thereafter, the blood deficit could be reduced and more lives saved.


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