Kagame Warns on Service Delivery

Kagame speaking at the closure of the conference held at Kigali Conference Centre. (Courtesy Photo)

Rwanda President Paul Kagame has spoken strongly about the need to improve the quality of services in the country.

“Wherever you go looking for a service – whether it is a bank or restaurant, sildenafil whether using our airline; if you are an observant person you should see why changes should be made,” said Kagame.

The president’s comments came against the background of muted concerns that the quality of service was deteriorating.

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Considering that Rwanda’s major source of foreign exchange is tourism, Kagame had no kind words for laxity in service delivery.

“We should have discussed service delivery and customer care. We didn’t give it enough importance,” said Kagame at the end of the two-day national dialogue in Kigali, Rwanda on Friday.

“If we don’t talk about it, we will lose. When you pay and someone provides you a service without value; there is a problem with you,” he insisted as senior government officials took notes.

“If we don’t demand a good service then we have a problem.”

He gave an example of restaurants where customers order for a service but waiters fall short of taking correct orders.

“Then they bring substandard service. If you accept that, then you have a problem too,” he noted.

“If you don’t demand quality service, that’s a problem. That means we should share the blame.”

He said changing mindsets to do the right thing does not need money.

“These are things we can do ourselves,” he emphasised. “Advanced countries started with changing mindsets and built strong institutions to realise development,” he added.

In regard to quality of products, Kagame said Rwanda will at all times aim for the best.

The conference held at Kigali Conference Centre saw participants take firm decisions against genocide ideology and brainstormed on building a stronger economy.


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