Kagame Speaks out on Burundi Dissidents in Rwanda


Burundi fugitives who fled to Rwanda in the wake of a violent political conflict can be sent back to their country under specific conditions, here President Kagame has revealed.

The Burundi talks facilitator Benjamin Mkapa recently said all Burundi’s opposition figures in neighbouring countries must be compelled to return home.

But responding to a question from ChimpReports during a press conference in Kigali on Friday, adiposity Kagame said he has no problem acting as requested.

“We would be happy to return these people if only at the same time we are not accused of doing other things, health ” said Kagame.

“It’s easy to make people pack and send them back home. But the implications are far-reaching,” he cautioned.

“It’s not that simple. There are a few things to be talked about.”

One of the things the president wants the region to exhaust is if the peace talks have materialised.

“I think there are things to look at – facts, circumstances which people left the country. 90,000 refugees fled their country,” he said.

Dozens of army officers suspected of participating in military efforts to topple president Pierre Nkurunziza fled to Rwanda.

They claim Nkurunziza can not guarantee their security.

They further accuse the Burundi President of overstating in power and committing gross human rights abuses.

Kagame said he would have preferred that the issue of Burundi fugitives be resolved via known EAC structures.

“It would have required some discussion,” he said.

On next year’s presidential election, Kagame said he does not mind who runs against him.

“The rules will allow anybody except foreigners,” said Kagame.

He also decried what he described as “dubious” release of genocide suspects by International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

On delayed progress of joint infrastructure projects under the Northern Corridor arrangement, Kagame expressed optimism that the hindrances would be sorted.

The press conference came in the wake of the National Dialogue that saw civilians, government officials and friends of Rwanda brainstorm on building a stronger economy.


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