Kagame Meets Top Military Brass

President Paul Kagame has called for professionalism, medical sacrifice and patience from the armed forces to build a formidable and resilient institution.

Kagame spoke this weekend at the culmination of the Combined Arms Field Training Exercise 10/16, health codenamed “Exercise Hard Punch”.

The military exercise took place at RDF Combat Training Centre, case Gabiro.

The event was marked by a final operational demo on how different military capabilities are integrated and synchronized, during a military operation at the level of an Infantry Division.

Thereafter, Kagame met and held discussions with RDF Generals, Senior Officers, officers and other ranks, all totaling 830.

He was welcomed to the meeting by the RDF Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Patrick Nyamvumba and Hon Minister of Defense, Gen James Kabarebe.

Addressing the gathering, Kagame reminded RDF officers and other ranks to keep in their mind that due to scarce resources, Rwandans in general and RDF in particular should always strive “to create value – that is something big, from little”.

He emphasised that reality requires some sacrifices others do not have necessarily to make, such as maintaining a high level of discipline, training hard and in short time, etc.

“RDF member should always stand out wherever they are, and to achieve this we have to keep on making the right choices which are costly,” said Kagame.

Rwanda Defence Force has in recent years upgraded its military capabilities and intensified training in the wake of evolving security threats.

The country continues to grapple with security threats from Eastern DRC and Burundi.

Kagame would later meet the troops that participated in the Combined Arms Field Training.

He congratulated them for the professionalism they demonstrated during the Exercise.

He also told them the challenges they face such as low salaries, lack of accommodation and sufficient equipment, etc, are well known by the Government.

He promised them that everything will be done to overcome those challenges within the scarce resources of the country.

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