Kagame Launches Solar-powered Site

President Paul Kagame has inaugurated the Ruhunda Ekocenter, website like this a Coca-Cola sponsored socio-economic development project located in Gishari Sector, more about Rwamagana District.

The Ruhunda Ekocenter is solar-powered site with access to a lit football field, adiposity a retail store, a telecommunication tower for 3G WiFi-enabled internet access, mobile charging services, a purified water collection centre, and a fully-fledged health centre.

The site serves as both a community centre and a general store. It will benefit an approximate number of up to 25,000 residents.

Speaking Monday at the launch of the Ekocenter, President Kagame commended Coca-Cola for its attention to Rwanda’s socio-economic transformation.

“This special project in Ruhunda demonstrates that the well-being and advancement of communities, is a Global responsibility. Coca-Cola has partnered with other companies, as well as government and civil society. Most importantly, citizens have been involved directly in the design and implementation of this project. This ensures that everyone gains,” President Kagame said.

The President further reiterated that the significance of such partnerships goes beyond a single company, or country.

He pointed out that such partnerships unfold in the wider context of the Sustainable Development Goals which cannot be achieved with public funds alone.

“After all, merely eliminating poverty is too small an ambition. Instead, the urgent focus is to lay the foundation, for sustainable and equitable prosperity, in every corner of the globe. This explains why the Global Goals emphasize strengthening partnerships among governments, the private sector, and civil society. Each has a critical role to play,” President Kagame added.

The Head of State emphasised that project such the Ruhunda Ekocenter proves that governments and private companies worldwide have much of the knowledge and systems required to bring improved health, wellbeing, and financial inclusion wherever it is needed. What is remaining, he said, is working together in new and innovative ways.

President Kagame stressed that companies of any size can meaningfully support Government of Rwanda’s efforts through jobs and training, but most importantly – through community projects such as the Ekocenter.


In his remarks, the Coca-Cola Company CEO and Chairman, Muhtar Kent revealed that they came up with the Ekocenter project because the company knows that its growth and that of partners can only be sustainable when the communities served are strong.

“Rwanda is on the move, marching towards a very prosperous future. We are proud to be part of it at Coca Cola,” CEO Muhtar Kent said.

To put up the Ekocenter, Coca-Cola partnered with a number of companies: Tigo Rwanda, Ericsson, MedShare, Solarkiosk, Phillips, and Pentair. Ericsson helped construct a new mobile phone tower to provide connectivity; Tigo Rwanda is providing 3G internet access; MedShare provides medicines to the government-run health centre; while Philips has powered the new football pitch and surrounding areas including the health centre.

Solarkiosk designed and operates the Ekocenter which serves as a retail store where solar solutions, Coca-Cola products and other necessities are sold.

There are 23 Ekocenters countrywide with 13 of them in the Eastern Province.


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