Kagame Accepts to Run for Last Term as President


President Kagame has been elected as the Rwanda Patriotic Front Presidential flag bearer to represent the party during the Presidential elections scheduled for August this year.

The RPF national congress members elected President Kagame unanimously, viagra 100mg at meeting held Saturday at the new RPF Headquarters in Rusororo which the President, viagra dosage who is also the RPF Chairman inaugurated.

Addressing the RPF National Congress, rx President Kagame said he had been severally in the situation of being called on to lead the people of Rwanda, but that he had never gotten used to the situation:

“I should be standing here today talking about a new leadership. But you decided otherwise. I have been in this position many times but I never get used to it,” said Kagame.

“I will double my efforts so that together we can keep reducing the factors that compelled you to ask me to continue to stay,” he added.

Tens of thousands last year petitioned Parliament to allow Kagame serve another term as President.

They said he was the right man to steer the country to greater heights.

On his part, Kagame said he would have preferred to retire and hand over the mantle to someone else.

He further argued that reliance on him was not the right thing to do.

On the international scene, many had expected Kagame to retire upon the expiry of his last term this year.

Addressing the ruling party members who took power in 1994, Kagame said RPF must work harder “so that what made you ask me to stay longer can be addressed in this seven years.”

He added: “Here is the deal: we have to do things differently, work harder so that the 7 years coming give us some kind of transition.”

This confirmed the widely held perception that Kagame would wish to have someone else in the highest political office in the land.

During the meeting, Kagame accepted the responsibility to run again for president.

“Now that you brought me here to accept it, I will give you my all. I will do it to the best of my ability,” said Kagame, adding, “The pressure not to run again was less informed and meaningless than the pressure for me to accept it. I had no role in this but to accept it.”

To the youth of Rwanda, President Kagame said it was inevitable to get involved in politics, because if you did not, bad leadership would fill the void.

“If you don’t get involved in politics, bad politics takes care of you and the next day you are led by people you don’t deserve. You can be President,” said Kagame.

“But it is not just about being President, it is not a right. Rwanda. Aspire to be a leader, even a President. But above all aspire to be a good leader. That’s what Rwandans need and deserve. Reject the idea that someone else is better than you and has the right to tell you what you should be.”

President Kagame called on Rwandans to be participants in the development of the country, so that they could together fight for a better tomorrow.

The event was also attended by representatives of leading African political parties and China, and political parties registered in Rwanda, who all wished Rwanda and the people of Rwanda the best during the upcoming elections and to continue unwaveringly on the path of transformation.


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