Kadaga Won’t Get New Helicopter – Parliament Clarifies

Parliament has clarified the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has been borrowing the Police chopper for her inland travels and that there are no plans of acquiring her one of her own. (Courtesy photo)

Parliament has squarely dismissed a budding rumor of plans to procure for the Speaker, information pills Rebecca Kadaga an aircraft for her inland and outside movements.

A statement released by the Director of Communication and Public Affairs, click Chris Obore instead blamed this development on the government officials involved in the infamous Shs6bn oil cash bonanza.

According to Obore, viagra 40mg the bureaucrats who championed the sharing of the money realized from the tax battle between Uganda and British oil company, Heritage, want to divert the attention of the public from the currently hot debate.

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Full Statement

Parliament has learnt of a scheme to divert public attention from the current debate on the cash share out by senior government officials.

The schemers want to divert the public from discussing the payout by URA to allegations that Parliament is planning to buy an helicopter for use by the Speaker. Parliament has also learnt that sections of the media are being courted to give publicity to the alleged nonexistent plans to buy the helicopter.

Part of the scheme is to also water down parliament actions when it resumes next Tuesday. Parliament intends to summon all the beneficiaries of the cash bonanza to answer questions and explain their actual role in the Tullow case.

In addition, parliament wants to debate the UNRA report and ask senior government officials why and how public funds amounting to Shs67bn ended up in Chinese contractors account in China.

To make parliament investigation look less significant, the schemers want to propagate a falsehood that discussions are taking place to buy an helicopter for the Speaker. There is no such a discussion and there is no budget for it.

The Speaker’s office is indeed a busy office and most times she attends more than four functions a day in different districts. She borrows a police helicopter whenever need arises. The talk of buying an helicopter is diversionary.

While there is a need for it for the office of the Speaker, no one has budgeted for it. Let the public allow parliament to ask government bureaucrats hard questions in regard to public spending, for that is the legitimate duty of Parliament. In any case, if the helicopter was bought for the office of the Speaker, it would remain public property unlike the cash bonanza orchestrated by public servants to their personal benefit.


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