Kadaga Threatens Sanctions Against Ministers Dodging Plenary

Speaker Kadaga and President Yoweri Museveni arrive at the Kampala Serena for the State of the Nation address

The Speaker of the 10th Parliament, sildenafil Rebecca Kadaga has warned members and Ministers of likely sanctions if they continue dodging plenary sittings in the second session of the house.

Kadaga sounded the warning in her communication to the House during the first sitting of the second session of the 10th Parliament before she invited the president to deliver the State of Nation Address, ampoule done at the beginning of every New Year of parliament.

The Speaker told the president that some of his ministers have affected business transacted in parliament in addition to intentional delays by some technocrats to hamper oversight work.

“Sometimes some business has not been handled due to absence of some Ministers in the different portfolios; we appreciate that Ministers have got several responsibilities but it is their responsibility to pass on a word in their respective Ministries, medications ” Kadaga said.

The speaker said cabinet ought to prioritize their responsibilities at Parliament by ensuring that at least one Minister is available from each Ministry to carry out Parliament work.

“Since we have gone to the second session, we expect that you display more commitment, improve on our own attendance, focus on work and if we don’t there will be sanctions,” Kadaga warned.

It should be remembered that during the ending session, the house has on several occasions been suspended due to the absence of Ministers.

Kadaga nonetheless revealed that in spite of limited space in the chamber and for committees for the current 449 MPs, the 10th parliament passed 18 bills and adopted 24 motions among others.


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