Kadaga: Get AGOA Out of President’s Office

Parlaiment Speaker, Hon Rebecca Kadaga

Implementation of the peace agreement hangs in balance as long as Dr Riek Machar lacks control of the operations of his estranged commanders, sildenafil a South Sudan’s top military official has revealed.

SPLA Chief-of-Staff Gen Paul Malong Awan described some of the rebel commanders who were initially under Machar as “spoilers” for refusing to lay down weapons.

“It is important to note that while the leadership of SPLM-IO signed a peace agreement with the government of the Republic of South Sudan, this web they are still multiple spoilers out there in the field who have publicly announced that they are not part of the peace agreement, ” said Malong in a statement to ChimpReports on Monday.

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The military chief was referring to Gen Peter Gatdet, who served as operations commander of Machar’s rebellion until he was sacked a few weeks ago.

Gatdet accused Machar of abusing his position as the chairman of the rebel movement by cutting deals with foreigners for selfish interests.

Gen Malong said the “leadership of SPLM-IO has ever since lost control over the spoilers in the field and the spoilers have already been fighting both the SPLA and the remnant of the forces of SPLM-IO. This is a fact which is commonly known by everybody.”

He further revealed that Malakal has since come under attacks from the “spoilers of peace in addition to attacking supply boats of the SPLA” which he said puts the lives of men and women at risk “unless they defend themselves.”

On claims that the government forces were attacking rebel bases using armed water vessels, Malong said the boats on River Nile left Juba for Malakal before the peace agreement was signed and had covered 85 percent of the journey.

He said the boats were dispatched to resupply the forces in Malakal with food, fuel and ammunition as a standard military procedure.

“The boats contain minimum protection forces to safeguard men and women aboard against any attacks along the way. The boats destined to Malakal are never in any way aggression boats. That is why they never docked to deploy any occupation forces anywhere along the way,” he clarified.

Since the boats carry minimum protection force, said Malong, the SPLA was forced to send its Air Force as a “deterrent force to accompany the boats” and people aboard.

Rebels claim the boats are being used to pound their territories in the conflict that has left an unprecedented destruction of human lives and property.

Machar and President Salva Kiir recently signed a peace agreement and also ordered a cessation of hostilities.

However, fighting is raging in Upper Nile State with counter accusations of provocations.

Gen Malong urged the rebels to “refrain from attacking the boats” and embrace the peace wagon to contribute in consolidating the peace agreement.

He further urged the International community to step in to support establishment of a joint verification mechanism and deal with spoilers and cover ungovernable spaces in Upper Nile and Unity States.

“SPLA will do anything within its capacity to respect cessation of hostilities agreement,” he assured.
The Speaker of Parliament Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has called for the relocation of the Africa Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA) from the President’s Office for effective delivery of its objectives.

This she revealed during the 27th Uganda North America Association (UNNA) Convention in New Orleans.

The Speaker’s call followed a revaluation by Uganda’s Deputy Chief of Mission in Washington DC Ambassador Alfred Nnam, drug who disclosed that AGOA had been extended for five more years following negotiations with the United States Government.

While presiding over the Trade and Investment Forum on Friday, drugs Kadaga said that AGOA had failed over the past 15 years because it is housed in a wrong office.

“We need to move it out of the President’s Office where it is headed by a Presidential Advisor to a Ministry,” she said.

Kadaga added that the Presidential Advisor only reports to the President and is not accountable to Parliament which causes a problem.

She called for the involvement of all Ugandans in the AGOA program.

The Speaker rallied the Ugandans in the Diaspora to take advantage of the recently passed Public Private Partnership Act and invest back in Uganda.

She particularly called for investment in vocational training saying education is now a profitable area.

“Invest and make money in education because schools are very necessary. I urge you to open up institutions to train Ugandans in the soon to be lucrative oil sector,” she added.

Kadaga also asked Ugandans to take advantage of the Pope’s visit later in the year and market the country’s religious tourism.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Registration Service Bureau, Bemanya Twebaze who was part of the panelists at the Investors Forum revealed that the time for registration of businesses had been reduced from 30 working days to 24 hours.

“We are working on bringing it down to six hours,” he said.

The Vice President of Uganda, Edward Ssekandi and Chief Executive Officers of several Ugandan organizations including NSSF, Uganda Investment Authority, KCCA, Umeme, Uganda Tourism Board, Post Bank and National Housing and Construction Corporation attended the UNAA Convention to engage Ugandans in the Diaspora and encourage them to invest back home.


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