KADAGA: Aronda was a Brilliant, Balanced Legislator

Gen Aronda's body lies in state on Thursday

President Kenyatta has launched an a digital application that makes it easy for the Government to monitor and manage HIV/Aids in Kenya.

The HIV Situation Room, order as the application is called, nurse is an intelligent system that draws data from several independent sub-systems including the public sector Maisha reporting system, as well as Counties and health facilities, and presents a national picture in simple graphics for the President and policy makers.

By a click of a button, the application, which is compatible with telephones and tablets, can tell you how many people are infected with HIV/Aids in a certain town, how many are on medication and what amount of medicine is available at the local health facility.

The application will also provide the latest data on maternal and child health situation.

The information will be used by the President and policy makers to make prompt decisions and track changes.

President Kenyatta said there are plans for Counties to have their specific situation rooms that provide one-stop shops for each County to track its progress, plan and allocate resources.

“The system has capacity for infinite expansion hence provides a platform for continuous improvement in the use of technology for development,” the President said.

The President said the use of ICT is a priority for the Government as reflected in Kenya’s data revolution conference hosted by Deputy President William Ruto two weeks ago, where different sectors explored how ICT can revolutionize data use.

The development of the platform follows a directive by the President in February that he wants to be kept abreast of the HIV, reproductive, maternal and child health situation in Kenya on a regular basis.

“I am pleased that an Internet based dashboard, the Kenya HIV situation room, has now been availed at my office is.  I am very delighted to launch it today,” said the President.

President Kenyatta unveiled the HIV Situation Room on Thursday at a function at KICC as he launched a new roadmap to end HIV/Aids infection among young people.

War on HIV

The new initiative is called Kenya’s Fast Plan to End HIV and AIDS in Adolescent and Young People.

The President said even though tremendous progress has been made in reducing HIV, the young people have been left behind.

“Whereas, we had reached over 80% of adults in need of Anti-Retroviral Therapy, we had only reached less than half of our young people.  I made it very clear at the time (in February) that this was not acceptable anywhere in Africa,” said the President.

The Head of State said Kenya’s youth bulge should be harnessed to provide benefits for the nations and that was why it was important to put in place policies that benefit them.

“Shared prosperity will only be achieved, when we have shared responsibility.  I am committed to the future of our young people and I will lead by example,” said the President.

Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia and UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe were among officials who spoke at the event.

UN Resident Coordinator, Ms Nardos Bekele-Thomas, and US Ambassador Robert Codec also spoke at the function.
The Speaker of Parliament, generic Rebecca Kadaga has said the departed minister of Internal Affairs, page Gen. ArondaNyakairima was a brilliant and a balanced legislator.

The Speaker who is still recovering from a leg ailment made it to the house herself on Thursday and chaired the moving parliamentary sitting in honor of Gen. Aronda who died on Saturday morning while returning home from the South Korean capital Seoul.

Kadaga told the house that the late immensely contributed in the law making process from when he was still a backbencher to when he was appointed minister.

“I honor the late as a brilliant and balanced legislator who contributed to the law making process.  He was a Member of the Constituent Assembly, see 1994 – 1995, and later returned as a UPDF Representative from 2004 to the time of demise.” Kadaga said.

A backbencher, Aronda served on five parliamentary committees including Defense and Internal Affairs, Natural Resources Gender, Labor and Social Development, Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries, National Economy.

Many MPs who contributed mainly remembered Aronda`s passionate contribution in the committee of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries when he championed the flight to Ethiopia for the committee members to physically witness how fertilizer and improved seeds were making wonders in the Horn of African nation.

Kadaga added that when Aronda was appointed a minister, two legislations were enacted and the third in the pipeline.

“In just 2 years since July 2013 when he became a Minister of Internal Affairs, he spearheaded the enactment of a number of legislations; The Registration of Persons Act, 2015 which had a significant bearing to the democratic process of the country.”

“We also recognize his role and contribution towards the passing of the Anti-terrorism Act, 2015.”

Gen. Aronda died when the Non-Governmental Organizations Bill was not yet concluded.

“He has also been very instrumental in the processing of the Non-Governmental Organizations Bill that we are yet to complete,” Kadaga observed.

Kadaga as well passionately mentioned Aronda`s role in Fas tracking the National identity card, regional cooperation and how she met the amazing the figure.

“He was at the helm of the fast tracking of the National ID registration project, and personally supervised the regional activities throughout the country, going to each region to commence the issuance of the long awaited National IDs.”

“On the Regional Defense Cooperation, he was instrumental in the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding on the Mutual, Peace and Security Pact signed between Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda, which was laid, debated and a Resolution of the House passed.”

The speaker eased the tense-mourning for some minutes when she made a short story on her first meeting with Aronda.

“Personally, I first met Hon. Nyakairima in 1986, in the corridors of Parliament, he had been meeting Hon. Al Hajji Kigongo, what struck me at that time was his height but also that he had a mop of Afro hair on his head.”




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