Kabarole To Remove Health Workers from Payroll Over Absenteeism

Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard District Chairman Kabarole

The continued habit of late reporting and absenteeism of health workers has irked the Kabarole district chairperson and District health officer, abortion prompting the duo to think deleting the lazy officers from the government payroll.

During a Health Assembly convened at Kibiito Health Center IV boardroom, nurse Bunyangabu County, Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard the District Chairperson observed with concern that the increasing absenteeism and late reporting of medics has greatly contributed to the poor health performance, maternal and infant mortality.

Rwabuhinga said, “The rate at which the in-charges of Health facilities are absenting themselves from duty is alarming. This has greatly affected service delivery in the health sector”

Fuming Rwabuhinga mentioned Rubona Health Center and Kasunganyanja Health Center III in Bunyangabu where the Health in -charges and their staff have really done a disservice to the people and the district.

Mr. Rwabuhinga directed the District Health Officer (DHO) Dr. Mugahi Richard to compile a list of all the errant medics and forward them to his office and that of the Chief Administrative officer so that they are
deleted from the payroll.

He however commended some committed and hardworking staff who he says he finds at work stations attending to the huge numbers of patients.

The DHO strongly warned the medics against the vice that subjects the patients to suffering and being stranded at health facilities.

He revealed that as a way of improving service delivery and curbing the vice of absenteeism the health department has brought on board the sub county chiefs and district councilors to monitor and supervise the operations of health facilities in their sub counties.

But the people downplayed the DHO’s statement when he said the sub county chief are brought on board to monitor health centers and yet they are ranked number one civil servants in absenteeism saying they are rarely present in their sub counties.


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