Kabarole Set to Commemorate World AIDS Day

Kabarole District will on Thursday, website like this December 1st join the rest of the International community to commemorate the World AIDS Day.

Kabarole, viagra whose HIV prevalence rate has soared to 15.2% will hold their commemoration ceremony at Ruteete Sub County headquarters.

According to Catherine Kemigabo, malady the Kabarole District health educator, Ruteete is one of the sub counties in the district with the high prevalence rate of 25 percent among the mothers accessing the Antenatal Care Services at health facilities after Busoro with 30%.

She says the celebrations will be held under the Theme; “Getting to Zero is My Responsibility.”

Kemigabo explains that HIV/AIDS in Kabarole still remains a big challenge requiring the whole populace to be responsible in the fight against the scourge.

She revealed that the aim of the World AIDS Day is to extend services to the most vulnerable rural areas, raise awareness, offer health services and provide necessary information about HIV through music, dance and drama, testimonies and health education among other services.

In a bid to rally young people, the district and Peace Corps, an International Voluntary Health organization, have organized ‘Fort Fest Concert’, the first of its kind at Allan’s Resort Maguru starting at 5:00pm after Ruteete function.

Kabarole District chairperson Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard discloses that the disease is serious and scaring.

He says international partners have tried to control the virus among the mothers to ensure they deliver HIV free babies but observes the need for intervention for massive sensitization of the youth to guard against the disease.

HIV was first heard in Uganda in the 1980s but to date there is no cure. Scientists have tried to come up with drugs that treat the signs and symptoms.

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