Kabarole Defies Central Government on Closing Private Schools

Kabarole CAO Dunstan Balaba

Kabarole district has passed a resolution defying the Education Ministry’s directive to close unlicensed private  schools in the district.

The resolution on the other hand, viagra order gives these schools an extension to the end of the first term to allow proprietors acquire all qualifications.

On 27th January 2017, diagnosis the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education and Sports issued a circular directing the District Education Officers, town clerks to close all the unlicensed primary schools in the country and that no school should open for first term 2017 without formalizing their status of licensing and registration.

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However, in a motion moved in council on Tuesday this week, Kabarole district chairman Richard Rwabuhinga who doubles as secretary for Education and Health said that much as he appreciated the spirit and guidance of the PS, the timing was too abrupt because some schools had already opened for the term and parents paid the fees.

He argued that most of the schools had initiated the process of registration, submitted the required legal documents but to their dismay the ministry was very slow in processing the licenses; saying closing the schools was a way of punishing the parents, innocent Ugandan children and the teachers would become a problem to the nation after losing the jobs.

The motion was seconded by councilors Richard Tatina of Kijura town council and Jorum Bintamanya of South division who argued that closing the schools with only a week to open for first term would leave thousands of Ugandan children stranded.

The motion however recommended closure of all schools operating in bad environment and don’t measure to the standards.

Patrick Rwakaikara the District Education Officer Kabarole said so far 20 schools that are operating in a sorry state have been closed down and that the operation continues.


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