Kabarole Chairman to Push For Introduction of Peace Studies In Curriculum

The Kabarole District chairperson Mr. Rwabuhinga Richard is planning on engaging with the Ministry of Education to introduce peace and reconciliation studies on Uganda’s syllabus.

This, sale the district chairman says, should be included on both primary and secondary school syllabuses.

Rwabuhinga believes that if Ugandans are taught about peace and reconciliation from childhood, their homes societies, tribes and the country will be more serene.

He was speaking over the weekend to the students and residents of Karangura Sub County on the slopes of Rwenzori Mountain, at the commissioning of the St. Joseph’s secondary school, one of the presidential pledges for the area.

The chairman’s observation follows the recent tribal clashes between the Bakonzo and Bamba that left 47 people dead and hundreds displaced.

Rwabuhinja however, appreciated the Bakonzo communities in Kabarole who resisted the Bakonzo in Kasese when they requested them to join theme to terrorize communities in the district.

He told the people that there is no justification for tribal clashes because the Batooro, Bamba and Bakonzo are one, share same blood, intermarried and have lived together for long.

The chairman also cautioned the students against strikes which lead to destruction of school property; instead of using more peaceful avenues to have their concerns resolved.


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