Kabarole Bans Sachet Waragi

Kabarole District has passed a resolution banning the sale and consumption of sachet alcohol, stomach following its adverse effects realized in the area, viagra that range from social, sickness mental to economic problems.

The motion was on Tuesday tabled by Edward Asiimwe, the Councilor for Hakibaale Sub County and seconded by Richard Tatina of Kijura Town Council.

Asiimwe in his motion pointed out that sachet gin has been found to among others reduce sexual performance of men.

“It also has diverse health effects ranging from mental to liver complications, insanity, blindness, deaths, domestic violence among others. Most sachet alcohol contains ethanol and methane as major ingredients which are health hazards,” he said.

“This cheap alcohol has also devastated the productivity of the people. People spend most of their time and money which they should have used to support their families, on the sachets.”

Denis Nkwasibwe of Rwimi town council supported the motion, narrating that six people in Kabale had lost their sight after consumption of sachet alcohol.

Timothy Ruhweza the youth councilor attributed the poor performance of the district in secondary exams (U.C.E) to consumption of this alcohol by the students.

The speaker Hon.Stella Kyorampe subjected the motion to voting and it saw majority supporting it; two councilors declined to vote and three opposed it.

The Chief Administrative Officer CAO Dunstan Balaba said that with the motion now passed, this resolution will become a district ordinance after consultation with the Attorney General and that implementation will start immediately.

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