Kabale Residents Cry Out over Dilapidated Town Road

2.5 strech when full of pothole

Former Forum for Democratic Change President Col Kizza Besigye has revealed his camp is ready to use any possible means to “liberate the country” from what he termed as a “rouge regime” of President Museveni.

Speaking in reference to his recent trip together with Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, visit this FDC iron lady Ingrid Turinawe and Mubarak Munyagwa to attend a court session in Kabale, pharm Besigye explained that they are now resorting to using boda bodas and other public transport means to move around the city.

“It’s our right to use public means and in fact we are starting to use boda bodas while moving around the city because fuel is now days too expensive yet we are no longer working but spend most of the time in courts. We now have no money and now resorting to public transport means,” Besigye revealed.

The former FDC President and Presidential candidate further noted that all the cases put against them  are intended to weaken and make them lose morale in their fight but noted that this won’t break their backs.

“We were having a case in Kabale court and at the same time in Kampala (Buganda road court) all of which stem to 2 years ago. This is just a circus and abuse of the process of the law by the government intended to break us,” he added at a press conference in Kampala on Thursday.

The State accuses Besigye and other opposition leaders of engaging n activities under a banned pressure group and holding illegal assemblies which officials say disrupt public order, charged they deny.

“We shall continue to pose resistance against this government.  We shall use any means not only going to Kabale court but also moving around Kampala.”

Travellers to Kabale were last week taken by surprise when Besigye, Lukwago, Turinawe and Munyagwa unexpectedly boarded  a Perfect Coach bus at Kisenyi bus Terminal in Kampala on their route to  Court in Kabale.
by Godfrey Tugume

Residents in Kabale Municipality have expressed bitterness over the 2.5 km stretch that joins Katuna Junction to Kisoro road that they say has remained unrefurbished for a very long time centrally to what had been announced earlier.

On May 22nd this year, site officials from COWI, Reynolds Constriction Company (RCC), Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) Consultants and other Kabale Municipality stakeholders in a meeting at the Municipal conference hall agreed that the renovation works would commence on October 1st this year.

However on October 17th, the Parliamentary Physical Infrastructural Committee Chairperson Hon. Biraaro Ephraim Ganshanga, during his visit to Kabale, said that the reconstruction of the 2.5 kilometer stretch that goes through Kabale Town would not commence as earlier agreed.

Residents say that the road’s drainage system can no longer accommodate the water that flows from Makanga hill which has put their life at risk of contracting diseases.

“When it rains nowadays in the municipality, the stretch becomes impassable because of water logged potholes,” one resident told our reporter.

Alex Ahimbisibwe, a resident of Bugongi in the town says that the stretch is so dilapidated that it has also caused accidents as drivers and cyclists try to dodge potholes.

Ahimbisibwe adds that it is regrettable to have leaders who announce developments that are not to be implemented in the time frame given.

The Uganda National Roads Authority station Engineer for Kabale, Robert Byekwaso, says that UNRA and COWI have already completed the design of the road.

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