Kabale Mayor Quits FDC

Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha the Kabale mayor speaking to our reporter in his office in Kabale

Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha, pharm the Kabale Municipality Mayor has reaffirmed he is no longer interested in the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) affairs, ambulance saying he is now happy where he is.

Byamugisha was the Kabale District FDC Secretary General, but run for the mayoral office on an independent ticket against incumbent Dr Pius Ruhemurana who was the FDC flag bearer, and floored him.

He says “because of selfish interests of some FDC leaders,” he was chased from the party, and his office was closed. For this, he says, he is not interested anymore in FDC affairs, but focused only on working for the people of Kabale Municipality that voted him.

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Byamugisha made the remarks in an exclusive interview with our reporter in his offices in Kabale town.

He went on to cite a court ruling by Justice Michael Elubu on November 11th 2015, which declared him and other people who run as independents, as having ceased to be members of the FDC.

Byamugisha quoted a Kiga adage, “akakwangire orakanga embwa ekanga ensheko (you loathe back what loathes you; the dog loathed laughter), saying he could no longer force himself onto a party that dislikes him.

Speaking in response however, Richard Muhanguzi, the acting Kabale District FDC Secretary General says the party never chased Byamugisha or anyone else from the party, except their own lack of discipline and violating their own party’s regulations.

Mayor Byamugisha Sentaro, Leopold Twesigye, Julius Tituryebwa, and Maureen Kyakunzire in 2015 after losing in the party primaries, jointly sued the FDC national party electoral commission vice chairman Michael Kabaziguruka, Kabale district FDC party chairperson Lydia Turyahumura and her Vice Dr Pius Ruhemurana citing their involvement in messing up the election process though bribery, intimidation and disenfranchisement.


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