Kabale: District Engineer Arrested Over Shoddy Work

Kabale district assistant engineer James Kiganda has been arrested

Engineer James Kiganda, pill the Kabale district assistant engineer in charge of roads has been arrested over shoddy works on Kibanda Health Centre II in Kamwezi Sub County.

Kiganda was arrested on Wednesday morning during a second impromptu inspection by the Kabale RDC Darius Nandinda, District Internal Security Officer Ronald Kashieja, District Police Commander Dickens Bindeba and Kick Corruption out of Uganda officials, who found dissatisfying work done on the health facility.

On 6th February 2015, Kabale district contracted Concrete Projects Limited to renovate Kibanda health centre II at 17, 552, 500shillings.

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Nandinda says however, that they were dismayed to find that the wooden doors and rocks fixed are not up to standard.

“The ceiling too has already developed cracks and they did not reconstruct a new floor as they the bills of quantities stated,” he said.

The officials are now pushing to have the engineer and the contractor forced to refund all the money paid for the work.

In his defense, the district engineer, Mr Kiganda said that when he visited the health facility on 4th January 2017, he too was unhappy with the work done by the contractor and recommended that he should not be paid.

He says however, that the former district health officer Dr.  Patrick Tusiime insisted and paid him claiming that the money was to be taken back to central government if not spent in time.


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