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Kabale: Bodaboda Operations Restricted

Security authorities Kabale district have banned, there with immediate effect the movement of Bodaboda motorcycles after midnight in order to reduce on crime.

Dickens Bindeba, the Kabale District Police Commander says that the security measure was taken in reaction to an increase in bodaboda-enabled crimes mostly night robberies.

The DPC made the revelation while speaking to press on Thursday at the Kabale central police station.

The commercial motorcycles according to Bindeba have been overly utilized by criminals in the south western municipality, to carry out their missions and escape fast.

“Any Bodaboda rider who will be found operating beyond midnight will be arrested and prosecuted,” he said. “Beyond this time, people must drive or walk on foot.”

Bindeba added that police are preparing to meet with bars and night club owners on how this directive will be implemented.

Early this week, Police in Kabale and the UPDF conducted a joint operation targeting popular hangouts such as video halls and also abandoned buildings where  70 people  were arrested and  on screening,
14 were confirmed criminals and are set to be prosecuted.



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