Kabale: 6 Buildings Closed Over Hygiene

Pastor Ttumwijukye's building which was closed last week

Six commercial buildings in Central Division, viagra Kabale Municipality have on Thursday afternoon been closed by health Officials over poor hygiene.

The closed buildings include Kings Hotel that belongs to Christopher Batare, side effects the Boss Hotel that belongs to Bernard Tumuramye alias Boss all renowned businessmen in Kabale Town and Byebireho Beer Depot that belongs to Naris Byebirooha the Kabale Municipality Law Enforcement Officer.

Another closed building belongs to Pastor James Tumwijukye, the Bishop of Pentecostal Assemblies of God Kabale Branch and another building whose owner’s identities were not identified.

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All the closed structures are located in Kigongi, Central Division along Kabale-Mbarara Highway.

Another building that was closed in the operation

Another building that was closed in the operation

According to Health Officials, owners of the closed buildings declined to construct soak away pits that drain dirty water and fecal matter direct to the sewer line.

Charles Ainebyoona, the Health Inspector for Central Division says that owners have been draining dirty water and faucal matter directly to the Council’s open drainage channel that is behind their buildings.

Ainebyoona says that health officials intervened after they suspected that there could be an outbreak of diseases like, Typhoid and Diarrhea.

He adds that the owners of the buildings were officially served with nuisance notice in August this year following several warnings to start constructing soak away pits, but remained adamant.

Andrew Beija, the Kabale Municipally Health Inspector says that the buildings will remain closed until owners construct soakaway pits.

Beija says that the operation will continue to crack down on other structures doing the same.

However, Pastor Tumwijukye denied being served with nuisance notice.
He says that health officials were not supposed to close his building yet he has already started constructing a soakaway pit.

Patience Ayebare a tenant at Pastor Tumwijukye’s building faults her landlord for not following the council’s directive.


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