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Kabaka Chwa Descendants in Spirited Battle for Multi-Million Dollar Land

Kabaka Daudi Chwa II (Internet photo)

By Muhammad Lule Kirwana

Two administrators of the estate of Ssekabaka (former king) Sir Daudi Chwa have agreed to withdraw their names from the list as the battle for the control of over 250 square miles of land continues.

Saava Yiga Matovu this past Friday told the High Court Family Division that he and Dorothy Nalinnya Nassolo had willingly consented to stepping down.

Matovu’s family led by Prince Henry Kalemeera Kimera, order a son of Harold Kagolo Kimera; one of the 36 children of Ssekabaka Chwa (1897 -1939), link had petitioned court in February saying the current administrators have done nothing to liberate the estate of Daudi Chwa ever since court granted them the powers of attorney in 2011.

Kalemeera told the press after the hearing that was adjourned to October 11 that parties needed more time for mediation.

He further pointed out that the family wants all the five administrators changed so that new ones who are committed and ready to work for the good of the family are appointed.

Kalemeera went ahead to claim that as a family they are going through a lot of “financial and emotional stress” yet they own a lot of land around Buganda.

“There has been no development so far for the last five years on the estate. We as the family have been kept in the dark and we thought it was better for us to remove the administrators and look at a better way of managing this estate, more about ” said Kalemeera.

He added that either the current administrators who include, Prince David Namugala, Nalinnya Nandaula, Luswata Kimera, Dorothy Nalinnya Nassolo and Saava Yiga Matovu have mismanaged or didn’t understand the nature of the role of the administrators of the estate. “This is because in five years, we are yet to understand what they have done,” added Kalemeera.

The family lawyer Ssenkeezi Ssali said the reason court first gave mediation a chance in civil matters is because people can agree amicably among themselves without going through the slow and painful court process.

“Whatever is decided in mediation is easy for the two parties to comply with,” said Ssenkeezi.

It should be recalled that on May 26, 2016 the family of Sir Daudi Chwa through Prince Kalemeera wrote a letter to the Speaker of Parliament, requesting that it (Parliament) intervenes so that the family can be compensated for the over 250 square miles of land that they say is currently occupied by over five million people which makes it almost impossible to recover.

They claim the land is valued at over Shs 20 trillion shillings.

About  Chwa?

Daudi Chwa II, was enthroned 34th King of Buganda, aged only 4 years, shortly after his father (Mwanga) had been forced out of his kingdom, and into exiled in the Seychelles Islands.

Daudi Chwa II became the first reigning King of Buganda to openly declare himself as a ‘practicing’ Christian and had his wedding solemnized on September 19, 1914 when he married Druscilla Namaganda.

A year later, in 1915 Chwa II was the chief guest, both at the ground-breaking ceremony for launching the construction, and five years later at the official opening and consecration of the present Cathedral at Namirembe, on September 13, 1919.

Some historians refer to Daudi Chwa as having been a “king without authority”, basically because he was directly surrounded by imperial forces.

Secondly, as a young king, the constitution required that most decisions had to be made by the three regents, who were appointed at his enthronement.

The same historians claim that the regents used this ‘vacuous’ period to grab chunks of Buganda’s property especially land and transferred in unto themselves as personal property.


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