Justice Gaswaga Startled By Soaring Defilement Cases

Justice Duncan Gaswaga arrives at the new Bushenyi Magistrate's Court on Monday

Mbarara Senior resident judge Hon. Justice Duncan Gaswaga has decried the soaring number of defilement and robbery cases in Greater Bushenyi area.

Gaswaga made the remarks on Monday while officiating at the opening ceremony of the Bushenyi Magistrate Court in Bushenyi town.

Gaswaga who will be in the district over the next one month handling high court cases, more about information pills said that most of the cases he will be handling are majorly defilement and aggravated robbery.

“Defilement and robbery cases top the list of offenses here and most offenders are actually mature people who are victimizing young and helpless individuals.”

Justice Gaswaga asked stakeholders in the districts of Bushenyi, website Rubirizi, Sheema, Mitooma, and Buhweju to step up efforts to protect children from defilers.

The judge also expressed disappointment that people in the region look at machetes as the only solution to their problems.

“Besides defilement, we have lost many lives at the hands of the growing number of blood spillers in society. Innocent bodaboda cyclists have been killed and robbed of their motorcycles at night.”

He added, “Machetes should be left to cut trees and animals but not human beings. I think security agencies in the region should step in and help us,” Gaswaga noted

According to police, more than 23 aggravated robbery cases have been reported since January 2015 in Bushenyi greater region.

The judge, who was expecting less than 40 cases, was told he will be handling 79, in the 30 days, some of which back to 2010.

Also speaking at the ceremony, the Bushenyi district vice chairperson, Mr. Mathias Kakoni asked the judge to help the district leadership in pushing for the expansion of Nyamushekyera government prison to create more space for inmates since it contains inmates from other districts of greater Bushenyi.



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