South Sudan

Justice and Confidence Center Set up in Juba

The Initiative for Peace Communication Association (IPCA) has launched a Justice and Confidence Centre in Juba meant to provide free legal aid services and psychosocial support to victims of the conflict, viagra 60mg victims of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), this web victims of torture, there families of missing persons and victims of domestic violence.

The centre according to officials will also help to enhance capacity of local courts, chiefs, judges and paralegals to perfect their work in the transitional justice process.

This project comes as a response to call for the establishment of justice and confidence building centers across South Sudan to enhance local population capacities to pursue justice against those who caused the atrocities in their lives and their families in the court of law.

According to a statement released on Sunday June 12th, the initiative will undertake a number of activities to make sure they achieve the set goals of the establishment.

The activities that IPCA will be involved in include:

1) Establishment of a free mobile Legal Aid Clinic which will provide legal aid services including court representation, counseling and technical advice on court procedures to victims of torture, victims of SGBV and associations of victims.

The targets to represent 150 detainees in courts and provide legal advice and counseling to 240 victims of torture, victims of SGBV in all detention units across the project area on daily basis.

2) Establishment of on Phone Legal Aid consultancy which will provide on Phone Legal aid consultation to assist seekers with lawyers.

The on phone system will provide legal advice to victims with service to make justice and official information accessible, free and available on request and engage citizens to access legal information and connect seekers with lawyers.

The project will manage on phone call center and provide phones at the sub-county level to enable the local communities at the sub-county to call in to the center for any legal assistance.

3) Training Chiefs, Judges, Prosecutors and Paralegals: This project supports training of 60 local chiefs, 60 judges, 6 prosecutors, and 60 paralegals on the Peace Agreement chapter of Transitional justice, National SGBV principles and South Sudan Child rights Act to enable them handle cases of victims of the 21 months of the conflict in South Sudan.


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