Judiciary Must Take Action Against Attackers of their Sovereignty- FDC

FDC publicist, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda addressing journalists on Monday.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has advised the Judiciary to rise up and save its sovereignty that is under attack. The call follows the recent protests that stalled business at Makindye Court where Pro-Kayihura supporters were seen protesting against prosecution of the Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Last week, thumb the country was saddened seeing a group of Kale Kayihura’s supporters shouting and rising ply cards calling upon Court not to proceed with the his prosecution  since ‘he has no case to answer’.

This act has since been condemned by many politicians, unhealthy civil society organisations and the general public accusing the IGP for hijacking the independence and sovereignty of the judiciary.

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To this, salve the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe came out and condemned as not only being disruptive but also unacceptable.

“Whoever is mobilising their supporters to come and disrupt court proceedings should stop,” warned Katureebe while addressing a press conference at his office in Kampala last week.

However, according to the FDC, the caution by Chief Justice is not enough and have demanded that the judiciary should hold the IGP accountable for Court contempt to avoid a similar action being done by any other member of the public.

“As a party we are not surprised but concerned with the invasion and takeover of Court by Kayihura group last week. The way these individuals were operating and moving around, they were doing this in conjunction with Police which was offering them protection,” said the FDC Spokesperson, Ibrahim Semujju Nganda on Monday.

Nganda noted that this wasn’t the first time Police attacked Court adding that the last time Col. Kizza Besigye went to High Court to process bail application; police took over all the roads around court and even deployed Military Police around Court.

Nganda warned that if the Judiciary doesn’t act, the said activities can only lead to violence,

“Kayihura is only leading this country to mob justice, suppose tomorrow I have a court case and mobilize all my supporters to disorganize Court proceedings; the judiciary must come out and take a punitive action against the IGP since he is not above the law, because if you allow him today, tomorrow another person will also mobilize people to takeover court.”

“You can’t be a temple of justice then people come and walk over you and the best you can do is just come out to condemn; the judiciary must take actions which are provided for within the law including holding the IGP for contempt of Court.”

In her response, the Deputy Police Spokesperson, Polly Namaye called upon FDC to understand that there are several ingredients that are required for one to be held for Contempt of Court advising that it’s not the work of the opposition party and neither Police to advise Court on what they should do.

“The public can testify that it wasn’t police that was protesting and our presence at Court was to offer safety of persons and property which we did very well,” Namaye told ChimpReports on Monday.

“We did our work as required and we can’t stop politicians from politicizing; we didn’t stop anybody from accessing Court and ensured that every one left Court premises safely.”


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