Journalists Barred From Muslim Clerics Trial

The International Crimes Division Court has today issued an order barring journalists and members of the general public from attending the court session where four key witnesses are going to testify in the case where Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and 12 others are accused of murdering
Sheikh Mustafa Bahiga and Sheikh Hassan Kirya.

The order followed an application filed by the lead state prosecutor Linno Anguzu seeking court to protect the four witnesses by restricting the press and the general public from attending court session during their testimony.

Anguzu further asked court to allow them use pseudo names for those witnesses since they have already agreed on the matter with the defense counsels.

The defense counsels did not objected to this and thus the judges ordered that tomorrow’s
court session will be  restricted to only  counsels from both state and the defence, approved court staff, prostate prison warders and security personnel.

Journalists and members of the public can return to court in the next session when the other five prosecution witnesses will be put to the stand.

A total of 27 Prosecution witnesses have already testified in this matter.

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