Journalism Students Denies Hand in 2010 Terror Attack

Hassan Hussein Agade, physician mind a 32 year old Kenyan a student of journalism at the East African School of Journalism in Nairobi and one of the twelve people accused partaking in the 2010 Bombings at both Lugogo and Ethiopian Village in Kabalagala has denied having a hand in the tragic incident that claimed lives of 72 innocent Ugandans.

Agadi who is the ninth accused to give his defense before trial judge Justice Alifonse Owinyi Dollo in his unsworn defense denied all three charges against him, including belonging to the terrorist group Alshabaab

He asked court disregard the testimony of Mugisha Muhamood one of the prosecution witness who testified in court that he acquired some military training skills from him while in detention.

Agade added that he had never confessed to have committed the alleged charges as some prosecution witnesses informed court, despite being compelled by security operatives.

“I and my six months pregnant wife were tortured to accept these charges something that brought me physiological problems. From Kenya where I was arrested I was brought to Luzira prison where I was later removed and brought to Kireka for a confessional statement,” he said.

“While in detention at Kireka I was asked by a police officer identified as Nickson Karuhanga to accept the charges so that the government can set me free in case I accepted to pin Isa Luyima on terrorism charges. He told me that I was going to be given documents containing the testimony I was to use. But being a preacher, I informed him that I couldn’t get involved in such acts.”

37 year old Seleman Nyamandondo, was next on the stand; a Tanzanian Manager of Kananga Tourism company.

Nyamandondo also denied the charges of delivering and discharging explosives that were used to execute the deadly mission.

“All what Mugisha Muhammad told court that on 8th May 2010 we loaded explosives in my car is not true because on that date I was attending a conference in Naivasha. On my way to Uganda I used my car which had been properly and thoroughly checked at the boarder by Police sniffer dogs with security officers before clearing me to enter in Uganda”

Nyamandondo revealed that it was his routine as a manager of the tourist company to travel in various countries to make bookings for his clients, and in this case when he came to Uganda he stopped in Jinja.

“I had never seen AIGP John Ndunguse one of the police officers who testified in court that he interrogated me while in Dar salaam because I had never met him before coming to court. My lord these allegations have damaged the reputation of my company especially after it was black listed on FBI websites; the number of clients dropped” Nyamadondo added.

This case is expected to resume today Wednesday as more of the accused defend themselves.

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