Jobless Brotherhood Explains Use of Pigs in Demos

The Jobless Brotherhood youths unleash sacks of pigs at Parliament last week

Youth activists under the Jobless Brotherhood have come out to explain the use of pigs in their demonstrations at parliament on Thursday morning.

Police arrested Ferdinand Luta and Joseph Mubiru, price http://confusedcoconut.com/wp-includes/comment.php all members of the Brotherhood  for  dropping over 10 piglets colored yellow and blue, the official colors ruling NRM party and biggest opposition political party FDC at the main entrance to parliament, as a form of demonstration against MPs’ demand for Shs200 million for vehicles.

Addressing a news conference on Friday, Augustine Ojobile, a member of the Jobless Brotherhood group said they felt using pigs would clearly show the public how greedy the Ugandan Members of Parliament are.

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“The way pigs behave in terms of greed is the same way our Members of Parliament do. They want to eat every second of time, and this cuts across MPs from all parties. We decided to use pigs as a symbol to show the greedy nature of our MPs,” Ojobile told a news conference in Kampala.

Norman Tumuhimbise addresses a news conference on Friday

Norman Tumuhimbise addresses a news conference on Friday

Describing Thursday’s demonstration at the main entrance to parliament as a success, Norman Tumuhimbise the Jobless Brotherhood national coordinator said they sat down and looked at the non –violent means of showing discontentment with the behavior of MPs, and came up with the pigs tactic.

“We cannot stop using these animals until the Members of Parliament change their behavior. As long as they continue thinking about themselves other than the country, you will continue seeing many pigs on the streets and at parliament,” Tumuhimbise warned.

The youths noted they were dismayed with mostly the behavior of the Leader of Opposition and FDC’s Hon. Winnie Kiiza whom they blamed for being part of the ‘racket’ to misuse tax payers’ money.

“We expected her (Kiiza) to come out with a statement on the money to be spent on vehicles but she kept quiet.”

The group said the MPs can only be given the money vehicles on condition that they remain assets of government  even if they exit the August House like judges and other civil servants do.

Yesterday, the Director in charge of Communication at parliament, Chris Obore laughed at the Jobless Brotherhood youth for using what he termed as old tricks of seeking public attention.

“It seems when people lack substantive ideas, they turn to such things. Politics is good  but one for the sake of is redundant,” Obore told journalists on Thursday.


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