JMC Appeal UPL Decision to Dock Points

JMC Hippos defeated Express FC to pick their first win of the season

JMC Hippos have filed an appeal protesting a decision by the Uganda Premier League to dock the club points for fielding an ineligible player in their match against Express.

The club’s Vice chairman Mr. Fred Kawanda revealed the developments.

“We met the Fufa president in a meeting (Thursday) and agreed that the verdict was passed though not in the rightful procedure, mind ” Kawanda said.

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“We have therefore submitted our appeal for the disciplinary body and the appeals committee to sit and look into our case.”

The vice chairman also acknowledged that some of the players lack the travel documents but insists the requirement is not enough to dock points earned on the field of play.

Only twelve out of 25 players possess the national passports though they have never received a permanent license.

“It’s true that some of our players don’t possess national passports and were issued with provisional licenses.”

“But then even the twelve players whose documents we presented to the federation at the beginning of the season have not got permanent licenses and Fufa acknowledged some deficiency in their part.”

Mawanda further reiterates that the “UPL CEO Mr. Bainamani was out of order in making the verdict because that mandate rests in the disciplinary committee’s jurisdiction. So The CEO also overstepped his role.”

Selective ruling

“Some of the chairmen and CEOs also confessed that a number of their players have been featuring in the league without passports, approved so the selective decision (on JMC Hippos) in its part raises eyebrows.”

JMC Hippos defeated Express FC to pick their first point of the season but still trapped at the bottom of the table with seven points.


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