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Jeje Odong: Mumbere Planned War

Some of the weapons security say were found at Rwenzururu palace

Rwenzururu King Wesley Mumbere planned to start a war in Uganda, help a senior government official has revealed.

Mumbere was arrested by a heavily-armed and specialized commando force which stormed the Kasese-based palace on Sunday.

The controversial King, try whose monarchy was recognized in 2009, was later taken to a police station in Kasese where UPDF commandos handed him over to Assistant Inspector General of Police Asuman Mugenyi for further management.

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Addressing journalists in Kampala on Monday, Internal Affairs Minister Gen Jeje Odong said security forces discovered an assortment of weapons at Mumbere’s palace hence shedding light on his motives.

Odong said a decision was taken that the militia which had earlier attacked police stations and killed police officers be disbanded.

“The Omusinga was given express instructions to do that but he did not seem to oblige,” said Odong, who previously served as army commander.

“So a decision was taken to enter his palace in which we recovered some arms, weapons and Improvised Explosive Devices,” he added.

Odong said from “these recoveries, one has no doubt in his mind that the intention was to perpetrate war of one kind or the other.”

He said a decision was made to “arrest him and see how to manage the situation in Kasese. This is where we are now.”

The former State Minister for Defence also revealed that Mumbere is currently being held at Police Special Operations Base at Nalufenya in Jinja.

Spears and pangas were also recovered from Rwenzururu fighters, according to government officials

Spears and pangas were also recovered from Rwenzururu fighters, according to government officials

Rwenzuru speaks out

However, Rwenzururu spokesperson Clarence Bwambale Mumbahya denied plans to wage war or form a separatist state known as Yiira Republic.

“It is important to note that Kasese’s political stand today has left some selfish political failure’s hands tied and the only way to be recognised again by government, is to feed government on wrong information basing on the past weaknesses of our forefathers’ dream of forming a new state which was withdrawn since the main actor died,” said Mwambale.

He, however, did not explain the purpose of arms including pangas and spears recovered from the place.

The death toll has so far risen to 62, according to local authorities.


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