Janet Museveni to Youth: Be Innovative

First Lady Janet Museveni (in white) and other officials pose with the graduates of RAP TECH Institute of Business and Technology during the graduation ceremony on Friday in Ntungamo

Hours to Wednesday’s primaries, ed National Resistance Movement election organizers in the southern Kabale district are puzzled after receiving ballot papers bearing a candidate that is out of the race.

The ballot papers for the Kabale Woman MP seat, medicine which arrived this afternoon from the headquarters in Kampala capture an independent candidate Rita Rona Ninsiima.

When contacted, Ninsiima told us that she had conformed to the party that she was out of the race and would be coming on an independent ticket in next year’s general elections.

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She said she was surprised by the mistake and mentioned that the party secretariat has itself to blame.

Some of the candidates staring confused at the torn ballot paper parcels

Some of the candidates staring confused at the torn ballot paper parcels

Meanwhile in Rukiga County, it was discovered that election materials of 12 villages arrived with their parcels open, and on counting them, they were fewer than the number inscribed on the parcel.

This sparked a bitter exchange between one of the area MP aspirants Edmund Atusasiire with the Kabale district NRM registrar Maurice Keitaba.

He demanded that all envelopes are opened and the ballot papers for the rest of the sub counties recounted.

The ballot papers for the Kabale mayoral seat that is being contested between Paul Birungi and Johnson Kyomukama were missing.

Commenting on these incidents, the district registrar Keitaba said he had communicated with the secretariat in Kampala about the mistakes.

He further warned that votes cast for Rona Nimusiima who was mistakenly included on the ballot paper will be counted invalid.

As the tension boiled at the part offices, the Kabale district internal security officer Robert Nabimanya ordered police and the UPDF officers to throw some candidates’ agents and journalists out.

The First Lady and Minister for Karamoja Affairs, no rx Hon. Janet Museveni has advised youth who have completed their studies to be innovative, cure and establish enterprises in their home areas instead of always thinking of moving to the city in search of big jobs.

This, she said during the inaugural graduation ceremony for RAP TECH Institute of Business and Technology in Ntungamo Municipality.

The colorful ceremony that was held on Friday, saw 289 students get awarded with Diplomas and Certificates.

Mrs. Museveni reminded the graduates that they need to have hope and patience in order to succeed.

She called upon parents to advise their children not to only think of amassing a lot of wealth in a short time, but to start small and in due course they will succeed.

She thanked and commended the Proprietor and Director of RAP TECH, Aijuka Rodgers for starting the Institution which has enabled many Ugandans to acquire skills in various disciplines.

“Unlike people who after school go to look for bigger jobs and employment in towns, Aijuka came back to the village and through a humble beginning used the skills he acquired to establish a school which has benefitted many,” she said, adding that it is one of the fundamental achievements of the Movement Government.

The Director RAP TECH said that the solution to the unemployment cries among the youth is for them to learn to employ themselves.

He urged the youth to use the skills they have acquired and small capital they may have, to begin and work hard to develop their businesses.

Aijuka thanked the First Lady for her love for the youth in Ruhaam, and the country at large and for the good seed she planted in him during the many mindset guiding meetings she organized for the youth saying this is what helped him develop an entrepreneurship mind.

Also present at the function was the Woman MP Ntungamo District  Naome Kabasharira, MP Ntungamo Municipality Yona Musinguzi, Ntungamo District Chairperson Dennis Singahache and the Bishop of South Ankole Diocese  Rt. Rev. Nathan  Ahimbisibwe.


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