Janet Museveni Scoffs at Schools that Don’t Utilize Labs, Libraries

Minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni (in pink top) along with other officials from the Ministry and UNEB on Tuesday shortly after releasing 2016 UCE results.

The Minister of Education Janet Museveni has criticized schools which under utilize their facilities like laboratories and libraries warning that government will take a stern action against them.

She was reacting to the under performance reflected in science subjects in the 2016 UCE examination results that were released on Tuesday.

The results indicate a decline in overall performance compared to the previous year, visit web 2015 and according to UNEB, viagra dosage this was resultant of the bad grades in English and science subjects.

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Percentage pass levels for all science subjects remains low with almost 55% of the candidates unable to exhibit the minimum required competency to be graded.

“Government has made efforts to provide facilities like laboratories and libraries in many schools including those under USE. However, and there’s a tendency of locking these facilities simply because they want to keep them clean,” the Minister said.

“You can imagine! Laboratories are meant to be put to use not opening them when visitors come and lock them there after” she added.

According to UNEB, candidates still face problems in handling apparatus during practical tests, recording observations and drawing conclusions. It is not surprising that 75% of the cases s of examination fraud are in practical physics alone.

The Minister in a rather serious tone told journalists; “I am going to instruct school inspectors to stamp out these tendencies of underutilizing facilities that show enslavement of the mind.”

In other interventions, she said the Ministry will undertake a study to understand the factors behind the perennial underperformance in science subjects. “By the time we release the next batch of results, we shall have a clear explanation.”

A few years ago, government took a deliberate move to make science subjects like Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics compulsory at O’Level with a view that this will fill the big deficit in the country’s human resource capacity. At university level, over 90% of government sponsorship slots go to scientific courses.

Despite this shift, students in government aided and USE schools remain at a disadvantage since enabling facilities are either limited or non-existent.


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