Janet Isn’t Fit for Education Ministry – Besigye

Education Minister Janet Museveni

Col Dr Kizza Besigye, find the former FDC Presidential candidate has blamed the current problems of Makerere University on “bad leadership” at the Education Ministry, sick which headed by First Lady Janet Museveni.

Dr Besigye while addressing press at his home in Kasangati on Friday, erectile said the problems at the country’s  largest education institution had been wrongly approached, to the extent of being shut down by the President.

In Besigye’s view, this week’s execute order to indefinitely close Makerere by President Museveni was reflective of the possibility that the president doesn’t trust his wife Janet to run the Education Ministry.

“The Ministry of Education is also headed by his wife, but even he can’t allow his wife to run it. We expected that he would have trust in his wife to manage the (striking staff) problem but he decided to work it out himself.

Besigye added, “All this comes from an ideology whose priority is not the people of Uganda but simply the preservation and expansion of personal rule of Mr. Museveni.”

“If education was a priority it will be treated differently, right from primary we have destroyed our education system.”

Just hours after the university was closed following a teachers trike for non-payment, Dr Besigye called upon the student community to defy the order and decline leaving the campus.

The campus has since been cleared up by police, sending all students back home. It is still unclear when it will open again for business.


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