Janet Blames Parents for Poor Academic Performance in Rural Areas

The Minister of Education Hon. Janet Museveni

The Education Minister Hon. Janet Museveni has challenged families in the rural setting of Uganda to play a more supportive role towards the education of their children.

She says failure to do this has resulted into a wide gap in the performance with urban based schools polling better grades compared to those in rural areas.

The Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) released by UNEB on Thursday indicate a thin distinction between urban and rural schools in the overall pass grades and failure rates.

Worthnoting is that the 10 leading districts in performance are all municipalities where schools tend to have more resources and parental involvement.

“Families in urban centres do a lot more in supporting education than those in rural areas. Rural households must understand that they can’t just send children to school without what to eat. They can’t learn, web ” the Education Minister said to the press shortly after releasing the results.

The Minister said that majority of the children learning in rural areas commute long distances everyday which subjects them to exhaustion and affects their concentration.

“They (families) must play a bigger role other than just sending kids to school. Children end up running out of school to find what to eat or other requirements that they need, more about ” she added.

Whereas she admitted that the education docket is underfunded, symptoms she noted that the existing challenges it is faced with cannot all be solved by funding but other interventions including change in lifestyle.

“In urban centres people care about how the children learn. Most of them are even dropped off and taken home so they don’t walk. We have a problem of gaps in lifestyles we should be addressed.”

According to the 2016 PLE results, all the 10 poor performing districts are in the Busoga sub-region in Eastern Uganda. This resonates with findings of a recent study by UWEZO which indicated that literacy rates in Eastern & Northern Uganda are the lowest.

Commenting on this, the Minister said; “we are going to mobilize the people in Busoga to get them to do a little more than they are doing right now.”

“Leaders in Busoga, the local governments there and other stakeholders must also work and solve their problems. The centre can’t deal with every problem.”


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