It’s Not a Crime Being Obote’s Son – Jimmy Akena

Jimmy Akena making his inaugural speech at UPC Headquarters on Monday

Opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) president elect Jimmy Akena, find sickness son to the former president Milton Obote as undertaken to unite all party members so as to build a strong opposition force that will favorably compete against incumbent President Yoweri Museveni in the 2016 general elections.

Akena addressed his supporters at Uganda House in Kampala on Monday, hospital here a few minutes after the party Electoral Commission announced him winner of the district delegates election conducted last week.

In his statement, Akena dismissed his critics’ claims that the UPC party had been turned hereditary, adding that being Milton Obote’s son was in fact an honor and not a disqualifying factor.

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“We appreciate the contributions of those who came before us. I encourage other children of the congress men to stand up and be counted; even if they say from father to son, you say amen.

He added, “It’s not a crime to follow your father’s footsteps but rather an honor and those who wish to honor those who built this great party, must walk in their footsteps.”

“The greatest gift they gave us was a dream of a united prosperous country and as a congress man, that’s what we must aspire to.”

“We have to rediscover our core principles and bring it to the generation of those who have not seen. There are so many who haven’t seen the contribution of UPC, but only see the monuments our forefathers left. But as leaders, we have to make that dream a reality, make that hope something attainable and we will only do it if we are together and committed to the struggle of rebuilding our party.”

Akena recognized a hard task ahead of him to revive the UPC, but expressed hope that with support from fellow congressmen, he would be able to make a difference.

“If we were in a bit of a hurry for this process, please forgive us but the task is not small and the time is not on our side yet UPC needs to present its best foot forward in the upcoming elections,” he added.

“This new administration will do its best to ensure that congress men will be able to meet on a regular basis. We will endeavor to ensure that the relationship and the position of UPC visa-vi the public is made very clear but in the best interest of the party members.”

“My humble appeal to fellow congress men is that unity will come when we agree on a common purpose and if we agree on the need to rebuild the congress, let us stand together shoulder to shoulder and move to pursue this.”

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