ISIS, Al Shabaab Terrorists Enter Uganda

Terrorists believed to be linked to ISIS and Al Shabaab have reportedly entered the country

The Uganda police and their sister agencies have begun a hunt for two suspected ISIS and Al Shabaab terrorists who recently entered the country, prostate the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale  Kayihura has said.

Addressing journalists on Monday evening at the police headquarters in Naguru, pilule Gen. Kayihura said that following the arrest of  2  female students at Kampala International University in Uganda who were part of the group, health their accomplices have  taken off and entered Uganda.

“After the arrest of Mohammed Abdi Ali in Kenya recently, his accomplices Ahmed Hisha and Farah Dagan took off and are suspected to have entered Uganda through the Eastern border. We believe they are still hiding in Uganda,” Gen.Kayihura said.

According to the police director in charge of counter terrorism John Ndungutse, they foiled what was supposed to be a lethal attack on the country by the group suspected ISIS and Al Shabaab group.

“The attack in Uganda was to be carried out simultaneously with the one in Kenya and it was to be done using anthrax virus. We were able to apprehend the leaders who were Kenyan-Somalis and sent them back to Kenya,” Ndungtuse told journalists.

He said that the group of mostly medical students at the Kampala International University had created a whatsapp group through which they could recruit other people in the terrorist activities.

“They were planning to use bio terrorism in which they were to release anthrax virus,” he added.

According to the counter terrorism police director, the police have since the 2010 Lugogo incident been able to foil a number of attacks but noted that the previous one was one of the deadliest.

“We are still carrying out investigations with our sister security agencies and we shall make more arrests. We are looking at finding out if there are no other people indoctrinated by the group.”

Uganda fell victim to deadly bomb attacks in July 2010 in which over 70 precious lives were brutally cut short after 2 blasts went off at Kyadondo and Ethiopian Village Restaurant as revelers watched the World Cup finals.

Somali based Al Shabaab insurgents claimed responsibility for the deadly attack on the Kampala government.

Kenya police said from their initial investigations, it was established that the terror network busted last week in the two countries “engaged in the active radicalization, recruitment of University students and other Kenyan youth into terrorism networks.” The same network has been facilitating Kenyan youth to secretly leave Kenya to join terror groups in Libya and Syria.

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