Isingiro LC 5 Chairman Arrested

Chairman Jeremiah Kamurari with the acting RPC Ivan Nuwamanya upon arrest

Police in Mbarara have arrested and detained Isingiro district chairman Jeremiah Kamurari who is being accused of inciting violence in his district.

For weeks Kamurari has off radar, more about until today when police got intelligence that the chairman was to appear on a talk show on TV west.

The acting Regional Police Commander Ivan Nuwamanya told press, pharmacy “This morning at 7; 30am we got information that Chairman LC V Kamurari was to appear on TV West; we rushed there but found that he had left.

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The RPC says when Kamurari leaned of the impending arrest, he disappeared in thin air. Police started tracking him until they intercepted him in Isingiro town council.

Nuwamanya revealed that Kamurari has already recorded a statement and will be charged for sparking the recent violence in which locals attempted an attack on the Nakivale refugee settlement camp.

The chairman is said to have incited the locals, to rise against the refugees who are being accused on encroaching on the native people’s land.

The RPC said it is now upon the Directorate of Public Prosecution to determine what charges will be introduced on Mr Kamulari.


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