Isingiro Famine Blamed on Locals

The executive director ACODE Dr. Arthur Bainomugisha has blamed the raging dry spell and famine in Isingiro district on residents who have destroyed the environment there.

Dr. Arthur said Isingiro’s natural disaster – the dry spell in a purely rainy season — is a punishment from God.

“Why are we facing this crisis, online I was told Isingiro used to have many forests but they were cut down when fighting tsetse flies. What this generation has done is to destroy the forests and wetlands” he asked

Arthur said the poor leadership in the area has contributed to famine as the leaders were splashing out money to win elections.

“Most of the leaders today sold all their property to win elections; now they have no solution to offer, ” he added.

The western district is currently receiving food relied from groups of well wishers, following reports that people there were starving to death.

The ACODE boss also blamed government for its lack of a proper food security plan, even with the existence of such plans as Operation Wealth Creation.

“In the primitive time of Idi Amin there used to be silos; we wouldn’t have come to this if such positive programs were not dismantled.

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